Ziggy Bober: 3/9/16

Ziggy Bober: 3/9/16

Our featured presenter will be Norwalk sculptor, Ziggy Bober. He will compare modern art to that of the old masters and also discuss his murals and sculptures that are now on exhibit in public places in Norwalk.

Ziggy is originally from Poland and studied sculpture at the Academy of Art in Warsaw. He is the owner of ZB DeSIGN, a team of signage professional and interior designers that creates custom signage, interior decorative and all commercial arts.  He receives commissions from private collectors. restaurants and other commercial and public facilities to design murals, fine arts, and sculpture.

Ziggy says, “I think the time and faith produces a more intriguing work of art. I live a life style of observation and creation. Producing art is my positive contribution to society. The work I produce both symbolizes and creates optimism for life in our industrialized society. My artwork has been executed by the use of computer based design layouts and constructed with various  art mediums such as metal tubing, canvas, stone, transparent vinyl materials.”

He says he uses “solar energy to light the sculpture from inside. Then I play with different translucent materials to get the right final effect of my transparent paintings and graphics during the night.”


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March 9, 2016