Yves Francois Wilson: 1/13/16

Yves Francois Wilson: 1/13/16
The presenter will be Bridgeport photographer, Yves Francois Wilson.  discussing  his background, some facts about photography, and how he explores the truth in imagery, the idea of artifact, youth, and African American visual traditions to create dialogues and historical fictions. His work is a mixture of traditional photography, documentary filmmaking, sculpture, and graffiti style street art.
Yves was born in France.  He has degrees from Parsons School of Design and the New School. He was a camera assistant for major studio cinematographers, and had fine art assistantships for institutions such as Deitch Projects in NYC, the Aldrich Museum, Parsons School of Design Gallery, with further training in design management from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.
He has exhibited in Basel, Sydney, Montreal, Vermont, New York, and in area shows in Stamford, Westport, and at Reads in Bridgeport. He says that weaving throughout all of his work is the visual aesthetics of an artist with a broad cultural knowledge, ranging from the academic to the pedestrian and that his pieces are made to engage audiences with a brief exchange of shared experience in order to create a new history.

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January 13, 2016