Tracy Hambley: 1/14/15

Tracy Hambley: 1/14/15

Tracy Hambley comes from Southbury. She is a respected and widely known assemblage artist whose love of writing and collecting has deeply inspired her whimsical shadowboxes. She will bring several pieces of work and discuss the process, including the art of collecting, what inspires each piece, and the various methods used to create her assemblages.

Tracy received a degree from University of Vermont, had a variety of jobs, but was not happy in that world. Eventually, she merged her love of collecting and writing into one hopefully saleable idea, her boxes, which she has continued for over 30 years.

Tracy uses vintage, commonplace, and found objects as narrative to explore a variety of themes. By juxtaposing these objects in her shadowboxes, her aim is to create visual vignettes using things we can see to express ideas, memories, dreams and impulses we can’t see. Her intent is to lure the viewers into a world that at first seems distantly familiar, but upon further inspection inspires them to make a personal connection based on their own memories and experiences. She also works closely with clients who commission her to create custom boxes to commemorate special people, places or events in their lives.

Tracy has won numerous awards at prestigious national art shows and her assemblages are part of many private and public collections, including The New York Yankees Organization, British Airways, Marriott Hotels International, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and Georgetown University. Her work has also inspired an original line of greeting cards published exclusively by Potluck Press called Problem Child by Tracy Hambley


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January 14, 2015