Trace Burroughs: 2/8/17

Trace Burroughs: 2/8/17

The featured presenter will be digital artist, Trace Burroughs, discussing his genesis as an artist from 1965 to the present. He will show examples of his work and the creative process he uses. He will also talk about his other careers as a national television game show winner, a Guinness Book records holder for marathon drum soloing and interview with David Frost, a voice-over performer on the Nickelodeon network,  a television writer, a screenplay writer, an author. a radio talk show host, a creator of the world’s largest T-shirt, and a singer and song writer.

Trace Burroughs grew up in Westport and now lives in Redding. He is divorced and has a 28 year old daughter. From the ages of 10 to 15, he sold over 300 abstract expressionist paintings. One was recently accepted into the Westport Municipal Permanent Art Collection which has work by local and international artists, including Picasso, Matisse, Calder, Motherwell, and others. His work has been shown in many Fairfield County galleries, including Westport Art Center, Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Carriage Barn Arts Center, Rowayton Art Center, Kershner Gallery, The Loft, Westport Women’s Club and others, and iArt Basel in Miami. He recently curated an art show at the Carriage Barn.

Trace says, “The total scope of the work is in many genres including pop art, surreal, abstract expressionism…in digital and traditional medias. I like to create art that engages the mind and the eye. Thought provoking. Visually appealing and sometimes with a mystical nuance.”


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February 13, 2017