Joan Miller: 3/11/15

Joan Miller: 3/11/15

Presenter will be Westport artist, Joan Miller, and her geometric cut paper designs.

Joan will describe how she came to work with paper and optical illusions, the process she developed, and show a power point of work she has done.   In addition, she will talk about the print making she has been doing for the last 18 months. These are paper lithography monotypes and are a complete departure from the paper pieces because they are soft and romantic.

Joan creates highly dimensional optical illusions using only paper. Her work is influenced by many artists including Joseph Albers, M.C. Escher, and the op artists of the 1960s. She has been in many juried local shows, including the Westport Arts Center Solos Show and the Faber Biren National Color Show. Her work has also been published in an optical illusion book and several calendars.

Joan says she is intensely interested in optical art and is driven to express it through the use of collage and color. The play of color creates the visual tension and dynamic movement of the pieces. The relationship of the colors in her pieces is subtle and challenging, even though the colors are intense.

She states, “My recent work has been a series of impossible objects which look plausible, but cannot exist in our physical world. There are many examples of cut paper and collage from around the world, but I have developed an individual combination of both. Starting from efforts with traditional Scherenschnitte, I moved gradually into more geometric forms and the use of brilliant color. I work mostly with Color Aid paper and an X-Acto knife. I look at patterns everywhere, especially in textiles and in nature. My interest in optical illusion dates in part from the years that I worked at the School of Optometry at University of California, Berkeley. “


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March 11, 2015