Iván Tirado: 10/10/12

Iván Tirado: 10/10/12

The featured artist/presenter will be painter and sculptor Iván Tirado. He will speak about what inspires him  and what the technical processes are in completing his art. He will bring a sculpture in progress, a used mold, and a finished piece, and he will show slides of his work.

Iván was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, where he earned a bachelors degree. He is now a resident of Milford. After achieving an online master’s degree in instructional design, Iván began teaching art. He is now pursuing an online doctorate degree. In 2011, his sculptures were shown in Connecticut, New York, and other states, as well as in France, Argentina, London, and Puerto Rico. He had his first solo exhibit, ETHEREAL: A Tribute to Femininity. His Concrete Collection of sculpture is being shown at the SoBoBo in Milford, where he is also teaching drawing. His wall piece, “Wind” will be featured in the book, International Contemporary Masters VI.

Ivan says, “My inspiration for executing the timeless fluidity of the human physique incorporates my admiration for Edgar Degas’ themes as I portray the exquisiteness of the honed control that embodies the freedom of dance and the sensibility, and yet strength, of the body. I embrace influence from the Classical to Art Nouveau, synthesizing the organic of nature with the physical experience of human vivacity as a mirror of our own transcendental existence. Each piece must concur with the observer in a relational intertwine from which meaning and significance emerge with words of its own exposing to the world its own story.”


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October 10, 2012