Duvian Montoya: 4/20/16

Duvian Montoya: 4/20/16

The featured presenter will be super-realist painter, Duvian Montoya. He will show and discuss his work, as well as the importance of being an active member of an art community that is supportive and nurturing to all involved. Attached: Created Pages by Duvian Montoya

Duvian lives and works in Easton. He discovered his passion for art at an early age and after high school attended School of Visual Arts. He then accepted a position restoring early nineteenth century lithographs for museums, galleries and private collectors. In 2001, he traveled to Europe to study the techniques used by the old masters and he then became an  impressionist, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

He moved to New Mexico for a while and developed his own distinct voice and style. He has exhibited in galleries in South Korea, Japan, Santa Fe, and in Connecticut. He recently completed two large public art projects for the cities of Norwalk and New Haven, and a large mural for the Norwalk Public Library depicting the story of his family migrating from Colombia to achieve the American dream.

Duvian’s work has been described as “magical realism,” and earlier focused on themes of immigration, Latin American identity in the U.S., and displacement. His newer pieces depict scenes from some of the most banal moments in our every day life.


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April 20, 2016