Dominick Botticelli:9/12/12

Dominick Botticelli:9/12/12

Our featured artist/presenter will be Dominick Botticelli, discussing his work and the ideas he expresses.

Dominick Botticelli was born in New York and is a direct descendant of the Renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli. He is self-taught and he works in pen and ink, oil, and acrylic paints. The themes of his art include surrealistic, religious, symbolic, fantasy, philosophical and conceptual art. In his work, he takes powerful archetypes and icons and manipulates them to illustrate their operation in the human subconscious. He believes in humanity’s potential to attain higher levels of consciousness and make choices. His images bring the viewer to the portal of the cycle of life, death and renewal, stirring up the fear of death and then opening the viewer to the deeper knowing of a continuum beyond beginning and ending.

Botticelli’s works have been on exhibit in New York, Los Angeles, Connecticut and New Jersey. He has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles as well as in national and international television coverage. He currently teaches small classes at his studio.


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September 12, 2012