Dmitri Wright: 11/9/16

Dmitri Wright: 11/9/16

The featured presenter will be Greenwich impressionist painter, Dmitri Wright discussing “.Impressionism Light & Color” and showing images of his paintings.

Dmitri won scholarships to the Brooklyn Museum Art School and to Cooper Union.  He has exhibited his paintings in many area galleries and museums and is housed in hundreds of collections in this country and in Japan, China, and Italy.

Dmitri says, “My work embodies the Impressionist method in integrating the symbolic and expressionist schools with my vision and training rooted in the classics … It is an inventive shorthand looking to contain the 3 components of the rhythmic energy of impressionism: sensitivity, tempo, and charge…My color selection is based upon my plein air experience of working in an intensity and movement of the light of France’s Provence Cote d’Azur, and in Italy’s Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, and New England’s coastal regions.”  He says he seeks to complete his paintings “in the moment of the experience where the environment of light through colors are dreamt into existence, … thereby creating a freshness of an American Impressionist piece.”


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November 9, 2016