Dara Tomeo: 6/10/15

Dara Tomeo: 6/10/15

Fairfield resident, Dara Tomeo,  will give a watercolor and ink still life demonstration using a wet-into-wet technique, and give a talk she calls ‘Capturing the Essence’.

She has a BA from Wheaton College and an MAT from Sacred Heart University.  Her work experience includes financial services, retail, writing, seminar presenter, elementary school teacher and parent volunteer.  She studied painting at Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan and currently paints at the studio of Leona Frank in Westport.  She has exhibited her work in group shows in Fairfield, Westport, Stamford, Greenwich, Orange and Vermont, and she has had two solo exhibitions.

Tomeo always wanted to be an artist. She says, “…My favorite expression of art is watercolor. I have always been attracted to water, whether in painting or in real life. I love watercolor because I don’t have to control it. My most exciting paintings are the ones in which the beauty of the water pervades the painting! Color matters to me; I feel colors. They evoke a mood and I have an awareness of color in the food I eat, in the décor of my environs, in the different hues of the landscape and even in shadows. My favorite color is blue and shades thereof. I have learned to love other colors and to expand my palette.

Initially I was taught to paint what I see… I began to concentrate on capturing the essence of the subject using spontaneous, clean brush strokes and allowing the water to create character in my paintings. Sometimes I use pen and ink, or sticks and twigs, to draw lines so that there is a natural variation to the line density. I find this expressive style exciting, leaving more up to the imagination.” Her website is www.daratomeo.com.


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June 10, 2015