Benice Horowitz: 5/20/15

Benice Horowitz: 5/20/15

The featured presenter will be  Stamford artist,  Benice Horowitz. She will show images of her work and talk about the experiences and influences that shaped her as an expressionist painter.

Benice studied art in high school, in private art classes, at an art school in Johannesburg, South Africa., and then for 12 years  at the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan. She started exhibiting in 1985 and  has shown her work  in Connecticut, Westchester and in New York City for many years at many venues.    She has won 73 awards at local and national competitions.   She is a member of Silvermine Guild, Mamaroneck Artist Guild, New York Society of Women Artists and National Association of Women Artists.

Benice is an expressionist painter and she works work mainly in acrylic paint on paper.   Earlier in her career, she  worked in mixed media,  collage and wood sculpture and  spent many of her early  years  drawing the human form.

Benice says, “I am passionate about the process of painting itself.   I enjoy brushwork and the use of color.   My paintings are somewhere between abstract and figurative and sometimes completely abstract.    I work  from nature on site or in my studio and I also work with posed models.  When I paint I tap into my inner emotions and work instinctively until I strike up a dialogue with the canvas that leads me into a direction.  My paintings reflect my moods of the moment and I use the scene before me as a vehicle to express all my emotions that range between sadness and grief to happiness and joy.”


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May 23, 2015