Paul Rockoff



I love to paint scenes of nostalgia. Bringing people back to times when life was simple. Since I am color blind, many of my works are in black and white.Lately,I’ve started to add a hint of color to some of them.Despite my inability to see many colors, I will on occasion attempt to make a journey into the world of color which is an adventure for me. 

Having dabbled in cartooning,I also like to add some elements of humor to many of my paintings.  I very often will place a Labrador Retriever either obvious or not in  many of my pictures.


I am a practicing Oral Surgeon.

I first fell in love with art when I first picked up a Crayola Crayon in Kindergarten. In the sixth grade I created my own version of Mad Magazine and passed it around to all my friends, much to the chagrin of the teacher. I drew cartoons and characterizations for various school newspapers and yearbooks through out my higher education.

Also, I did some political cartoons with medical themes for the Fairfield County Medical Society.

I started painting in 2005.