Joel Sobelson 




Joel Sobelson went to college with the idea of becoming a dentist. But he failed organic chemistry class, three times, and took that as a sign that maybe a career in dentistry was not his destiny. Instead, he found himself following his interests in drawing and being a hippie and so, ended up at Pratt Institute. Over a summer internship working for an advertising photographer, he found he was attracted to the world of advertising. He created a portfolio of ads and was immediately hired at one of the top ad firms in the world. Thus began his 30-year, award winning advertising career. One, not with his hands in other people’s mouths, but instead, messing with other people’s heads.

As a retiree, he found sitting on the couch, eating oreos and watching old movies not really where he wanted to be. But that boredom forced him to re-discover his love of drawing, one that he has been pursuing ever since.

As a Creative Director in the advertising business he created imagery that broke through the clutter.

But he wants his art to do more. It should actively make a personal connection with the viewer. For now, he creates dramatic black and white imagery, infused with a ton of heart to make those emotional connections.

As a new artist, he was immediately recognized as a talent and has had his work selected for the prestigious Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists exhibit, won Honorable Mention at the Silvermine Annual Student Art Exhibit and has continuously had his work selected at juried shows for the Stamford Art Association, Easton Arts Council, the Greenwich Arts Society and the Light Space & Time online Gallery.