Eva Rogoff



One of my earliest masterpieces was a paint-by-number set on a velvet board. The scene was of swans on a pond. The swans were only partially painted, as intended by the outline. Perhaps this was my first exposure to impressionism technique. In my adult years I did a study of Claude Monet and have painted similar compositions to some of his murals and paintings. Monet’s gardens, water lily ponds and scenes along the Seine River are my favorites.

I have transitioned to doing original works as suggested in an art seminar I took in CA. I take a lot of photographs when traveling, usually of land and seascapes. Some are of local parks, gardens, and coastal areas. I use the photographs as references in my creation of original oil paintings and water color paintings. I am currently exhibiting photography in Ridgefield at the Guild , through April 4, 2015.

In addition to the Ultimate Artist’s Conference I attended in Palm Springs, CA, in 2002, I have learned about painting and other art forms in classes at Trumbull High School, Adelphi University, NY (B.A.), and the Westport Center for Senior Activities. I also have a teaching degree from Sacred Heart University (M.A.T.).

Art associations I have/had memberships in are SCAN, CT Classic Arts, Easton Arts Council, Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Milford Arts Council and the Fairfield County Arts Association. This has enabled me to exhibit my art throughout the region.


The last ten years I have been actively involved in the operation of the Fairfield County Arts Association, first as Treasurer and currently as President