The  Fairfield County Arts Association was founded in 1984 by Fairfield artists, sculptor Mario Del Fabrio and painter Robert Le Doux, who was also former director of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.

FCAA is a support group for both professional and amateur artists.  Its programs  give members the opportunity to grow by sharing their work, expertise and talent and to serve as a forum for comment, critique and advice.

All media are included under the term “arts”, including the various forms of painting, sculpting, photography, and almost any creative visual form compatible with the term “art” as determined by the association.  All sincere concepts or efforts will be encouraged.

This association is involved with community art-centered activities, such as the downtown Fairfield banner project, the Dogwood Festival  and displaying art work at libraries and Town Halls.

Now Serving FCAA

  • Treasurer…Eve Rogoff
  • Webmaster…Deirdre Abbotts
  • Publicity…Andrea Padula
  • Programs and Newsletter..Alice Katz
  • Program Assistance…Claire Frey
  • Membership…Karin Brey
  • Hospitality…Karin Brey
  • Plein Air: Jean Bowler


Many of our members have an online gallery – click on underlined names to view their art.

Howard Aaron | Deirdre Abbotts | Leonard Ances  | Ziggy Bober | Jean Bowler | Karin Lydia Brey | Barbara Cieplinski | Kate Davoli | Diane Desmond | Gamal Eleish | Clair Fray | David Gorski | Adair Heitmann | Michele Hubler | Gail Ingis Claus | Alice Katz | Joe Koegan | Ginger Kleinbardt | Kim Lagana |Peter Landa | Sheila Mancini | Nina Marino | Linda McKie-McClellan | Jill Meyer | Noreen Normand | Elisabeth Ohlenberg | Leah OrenAndrea Padula | Margorie Poe | Meta Politi | Pnina Greenwald RamotPaul Rockoff   |  Eva Rogoff | Joel Sobelson | Louis Tavernia | Renu Vora | Mary Walker | Lee Walther | Gay Weathered | Joan Wheeler | Betty Wisse | Desiree Witt | Millicent Zolan


The officers of the association will consist of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Program Chairperson, Exhibitions, Membership, Hospitality, Publicity, Newsletter, and Website.  Positions may be co-chaired.  New positions may be created as necessary.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Program Chairperson.  As needed, the Board will meet or conference with each other, other officers and membership.

The Board has general supervision over the business and program activities of the association.  Decisions and recommendations having major impact on the association will be announced and discussed with the membership at the next monthly meeting.

Election of Officers

A nominating committee consisting of two officers and two non-officers appointed by the Executive Board will meet and present a slate of officers by mail, in writing, to the paid membership 30 days prior to the election. The election will be held at a general meeting.  Nominations from the floor at a prior meeting and through the mail can be made. If some positions are still open nominations can be made on the day of election.  Absentee ballots will also be made available.  Only members in good standing can nominate and vote in elections.